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About the Company

20+ Years in Qualitative Research.

Joy Lynn, Inc. is a US-based company, based in Atlanta GA. It was founded in 1995 to provide personalized turn key qualitative research for large consumer products companies. From the start, it was built to be a boutique firm that focused exclusively on qualitative research. It continues to do that today.

Today’s marketing environment is faster paced than ever. It is critical to have research partners that can be flexible, quick on their feet and able to adapt with ease. It is rare to find that level of service and flexibility in a company that can also contribute that little something extra at the same time. Insights. Ideas. Asking business questions that make you stop, think and focus. Adding a little fun here and there as well. That is Joy Lynn, Inc.

Many companies can execute research but very few can make a valuable contribution to the business. At the end of every project, we know our clients are confident in what they have learned and the direction they will take. We also know we have made a real difference in their business and that makes us happy.

Joy Lynn Inc. is a WBENC-certified business offering qualitative services in the US and abroad. We are proud to say that 2014 marks our 19th year in business.

“Joy Lynn is the most valuable qualitative researcher I have ever used. She not only is a good interviewer and listener, but comes at issues from deep experience as a marketer, brand manager, and copywriter. If I rated every qualitative resource that I have used in my 40-year career on a 1 to 10 scale, Joy Lynn would rate a 12, true value added vs others.”

– Frank Lane, ex-President, Neutrogena
and author of “Killer Brands”

Our People

Joy Lynn Fields, PRC
President / CEO


Joy Lynn FieldsJoy Lynn Fields founded the company in 1995 after a career as a brand positioning and strategy consultant. She grew up in a small southern town, but during her 25 year career in marketing and advertising, Joy Lynn has helped some of the world’s most revered brands build their businesses. In a focus group setting, as a moderator, she has the uncanny ability to get people to say anything. And because she has worked “on both sides of the glass,” she can easily adapt to any situation and any audience. Whether presenting to the board of directors or talking to a luxury traveler, a cardio-thoracic surgeon or an 85-year old woman about incontinence, you can be confident that Joy Lynn will both fit in and stand out.

Joy Lynn has received national and international recognition not only for her marketing talents, but for her success story as a self-made entrepreneur and the philanthropic contributions she has made to her community.

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